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Flash Sales are exciting, but you need a partner that can handle the volume - quickly, efficiently, and effectively

Riley Life is a flash sale order fulfillment specialist.  No matter the size or complexity of your flash sale we've got you covered - from high-volume fulfillment, high-speed mass customization and personalization, to returns, custom shipping solutions, and customer service support - we excel at flash sale order fulfillment.  Talk to us to find out the many ways we can make your flash sale a huge success.

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Flash Sale Services

High Volume Fulfillment

Fulfilling 100,000 orders (with no customization or personalization) in three business days is no problem with Riley Life, sound planning and inventory staging.  Don't let high order volumn stress you out - we can handle that!

Mass Personalization

We specialize in high speed mass personalization andcustomization services, like embroidery, so you can offer personalization and still meet your aggressive fulfillment deadline on a very high volume of orders.

Customer Support Services

Once your flash sale is over, don’t be surprised if you get a few dozen – or a few hundred! – inquiries from your new customers with questions, concerns and requests for order changes.  If you haven’t thought this through and fully prepared for it, it can catch you off guard and struggling to provide high quality, timely customer service.  At Riley Life, we offer comprehensive customer support options that include support ticketing, email, text, chat and phone support — all branded with your name and logo for not just great customer service, but a great brand experience.  Pricing is a la cart and based on actual usage so you only pay for what you use.

Importing and Inbound Shipping

It all starts with getting your stuff from your contract manufacturer to your fulfillment warehouse.  If your manufacturer is overseas, then importing and freight forwarding are key steps in the process.  We have excellent experience in this complex area where errors can cause extra costs and unexpected delays that can ruin your flash sale performance. We provide turn-key services, including acting as the importer of record, to get your product from the manufacturer to our warehouse on-time, so your flash sale fulfillment can stay on schedule. Let Riley Life do the heavy lifting for you.

Flat Rate Shipping Solutions

We know shipping expenses are complex, highly variable, and a big part of your fulfillment expense. We've made it easy by simplifying shipping with flat rate shipping prices: we'll give you a simple flat rate for all your shipments to the continental United States, making your shipping costs simple, predicable and consistent across all your orders.  Your customers will have end-to-end tracking and delivery confirmation at a price you can afford.

Returns Solution

A high volume of orders can sometimes mean a relatively high volume of returns too. When a customer wants to return something, it shouldn't have to be a negative experience for them or for you.  We have an available returns processing solution that makes it fast and easy for your customer and provides you with key marketing opportunities to turn a potentially negative experience into a positive experience for everyone.  Ask us how.