Diary of a Logo: Final Chapter

The day we have all been waiting for is finally here!  After many discussions and much attention to detail, Riley Life Logistics has settled on its new official logo.  Riley Life and Brasco Marketing & Design have partnered to produce a logo that encompasses who the company is as well as where it is striving to go.

This new logo expresses the energy and life that Riley Life brings to the fulfillment industry.  The upward movement created by the arrows represents the company’s constant growth and future direction.  If you look closely you will not only find arrows mixed in with the fireworks exploding from the box, but you will also find an upward pointing arrow where the two sides of the box meet.  This was an especially neat addition that Brandon and his team made during the final stages of the creation process.

After much thought, Riley Life decided on two versions of the same logo.  The primary one will be the Riley Life Logistics+ logo while the secondary one contains the slogan.  They are fundamentally the same, but can be used on different occasions.  Everyone involved is extremely pleased with how the logo turned out and would like to express a special thanks to the Brasco Marketing & Design team for being so easy to work with.

And now we would like to present to you…drumroll please…our new logo!