Eco-Friendly Shipment Packaging Options

Riley Life strives to incorporate eco-friendly alternatives into the fulfillment business whenever possible.  Substituting green options for less environmentally friendly options is a passion of ours, and we would like to spread the word about some companies that can help you do this as well.  Each of the companies below offers their own unique solutions to packaging and fulfillment.  Riley Life has not used all of them but has had the opportunity to utilize a number of their products.  We have been overly satisfied and encourage you to look into some of these eco-friendly alternatives.


The actual breakdown of the word geami means “earth friend.”  It is a combination of the Greek word Geo for earth and the Latin word Ami for friend.  This earth friendly packaging system consists of a dispenser that rolls out a layer of tissue-like paper on top of a layer of thicker honey combed paper.  Together these can be used to wrap and secure products.  Not only is it recyclable and biodegradable, but it is also more attractive than bubble wrap.


ExpandOS has created paper pyramids that cling together to serve the same purpose as packing  peanuts, to absorb shock and reduce movement of the product being shipped.  These pyramids are  proven to protect products of various shapes, weights, and fragility.  Constructed from quality waste created by the box industry, this eco-friendly alternative is recyclable as well as reusable.

EcoEnclose’s mission is to reduce landfill waste, and they are doing so by offering packaging products that are compostable, biodegradable, and recycled.  Their products range from biodegradable poly and bubble mailers to 100% recycled boxes to eco-friendly carton sealing tape.  EcoEnclose even offers a customization option if you would like your product personalized.

Ecovative Design

Ecovative Design has created an extremely unique form of packaging material called EcoCradle.  From the way it is produced to its disposal options, EcoCradle is truly revolutionary.  The creators of this product have combined agricultural crop byproducts with fungal mycelium (roots of mushrooms) to form a rigid material used for packaging.  This process requires significantly less energy then it takes to manufacture synthetic foams.  Because EcoCradle is 100% biodegradable, it can be used when composting, gardening, or even thrown away without harming the environment’s ecosystem.

FP International

Free-Flow International Inc., also known as FP International, has expanded its product line over the past decade to offer a wide range of innovative protective packaging products and packaging systems.  It uses recycled materials tocreate biodegradable products that range from their SUPER 8 green loosefill packing peanuts to CELL-O green air cushions.  For products that involve inflation, FP International has created inflator equipment and will install these custom systems for you.

Globe Guard Products

Globe Guard Products are similar to those of EcoEnclose.  They have everything from box sealing tape to corrugated boxes, to plastic mailers.  Their corrugated boxes are made from 100% post consumer waste, which is a significantly higher percentage than most box suppliers.  Globe Guard Products has a unique system where 1% of your online purchase goes to For the Planet.  This is just one way that they show their devotion to the environment. 

Riley Life will continue to be a source of reference to those looking to replace their current packaging options with more environmentally friendly ones.  We will continue to update our blog as we find more companies to add to our list of eco-friendly packaging alternatives.  If any of our readers have suggestions of additional companies that we may have missed or have not heard about, please feel free to comment or contact us so that we can get the word out!