Face of Inspiration – Tony Hsieh


Tony Hsieh is best known as founder and CEO of Zappos.com – the online shoe and clothing shop known mainly for better-than-awesome customer service.  Prior, he founded and sold LinkExchange to Microsoft for $235M.  He is a successful blogger, businessman, and philanthropist, and his customer service, sustainability, and corporate social responsibility ideals influence entrepreneurs and white-collars alike.

Why is he on the wall?:

Beyond his existence as a supremely gifted entrepreneur, Hsieh exemplifies what it means to be a social capitalist.  Zappos’ notorious record of incredible customer service is both iconic and rare.  Hsieh’s personality and leadership are what drive the customer service vision.

What Zappos (and, by extension, Hsieh himself) do for a living is not glamorous, sexy, sheik, or inherently special (you know, like order fulfillment) but it is the way in which it is done that makes all the difference.  Working for the greater good and a more sustainable, progressive world benefits everyone (including your shareholders, just askAmazon).  Plus, Hsieh’s personal vision on missions and profits further displays his desire to make the workplace about more than just capitalistic gain – but rather an avenue for social, sustainable change.