Finishing Well

March 13, 2012 by Jordan Edwards, proud Marketing Intern for Riley Life

Here is a recent blog post from the renowned author, speaker, and entrepreneur – Seth Godin.  Short and sweet -


Finishing well by Seth Godin

March 3, 2012

It’s not enough to finish the checklist, to hurriedly do the last three steps and declare victory.

In fact, the last coat of polish and the unhurried delivery of worthwhile work is valued all out of proportion to the total amount of effort you put into the project.

It doesn’t matter how many designers, supply chains, workers, materials and factories were involved–if the box is improperly sealed, that’s how you will be judged.


This blog post is not only extremely pertinent to Riley Life’s work but is also relevant to everyday life.  Why take the time to produce something so amazing only to destroy all efforts in rushing the delivery?

Riley Life strives to add value to every product and package that passes through our warehouse.  For the most part, the way the packages leave our hands is the way they will appear once received at their final destinations.  It is crucial that we put as much or more detail into packaging the products as our clients do in making them.  By rushing the packaging we would be short-changing our clients as well as their products, and that is counter to what Riley Life is all about.

Whether packaging a product or delivering a presentation or simply baking a cake, it is most important to pay attention to the finishing touches.  Delivery is key.  It is the final moment to showcase the hours, days, or weeks of effort that have been poured into the project.  Don’t let your hard work go unnoticed!  In the words of Seth Godin, “Finish well.”

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