For eCommerce – Easier to Convert Existing Customer to Repeat Customer

Riley Life focuses on working with our customers to convert their existing customers to repeat customers. In fact, eCommerce expert Ajeet Khurana writes “Several studies have attempted to figure out how much it costs to convert a new customer compared to converting a sale from an existing customer. The research results are all over the map, and there is no unanimous metric. But most ecommerce professionals would not bat an eyelid if you told them that it is five times more expensive to convert a new customer. That is a compelling metric about the value of repeat customers.”

Riley Life realized that spending just a little more time and effort on each package can go a long way in creating the value that builds repeat customers. We focus on building value and branding for our customers. With every package, our customers have an opportunity to create a lifelong relationship with their customer. We also have the opportunity to non-verbally tell customers that they matter and are not just another package or just another transaction. It is small touches that go a long way in eCommerce.

We want to partner with our customers to build relationships with the people on the other end of our packages. It makes a lot of sense – it’s a lot easier for us to build our customers rather than try to convert new customers as well.