Go Green and Save

Riley Life Logistics is a B-Corporation; which quite simply means we look at business differently.  We have a responsibility to people, planet, and profit.  A main focus of ours is sustainable business practices.

All businesses should adopt similar practices to benefit our planet, but if that does not intrigue you, how about saving some money?  Here are four tips I came upon in an article by Shugo to go green and save money.

A)      Go Paperless-estimated savings- $95 per employee per year

  1. Use electronic communications whenever necessary
  2. Remove yourself from unwanted catalogs or newsletter mailing lists
  3. Incorporate online banking and bill payment
  4. When you must use paper, use post-consumer waste paper, paper products, and packaging (not just recycled paper).  Creating PCW paper uses the least amount of energy
  5. If printing, use front and back of paper

B)      Reduce energy use from PC’s-estimated savings-$75 per computer per year

  1. Use power strips to turn off technology when not being used
  2. Use sleep settings on computers when not in use
  3. Replace cathode ray tube monitors with LED monitors

C)      Buy “Green” equipment and supplies

  1. Shop for energy efficient electronics for your office use
  2. Buy remanufactured ink and toner cartridges

D)      Recycle more than bottles and cans

  1. Recycle paper
  2. Recycle empty ink cartridges
  3. Recycle technology equipment
  4. Recycling is so simple and easy; contact your county to get tips and tricks on how to make recycling for your business painless and effortless.

To read the entire article, click here.

If you want to find out what Riley Life is doing to be sustainable, contact us.