Tricks for boosting your eCommerce sales this Halloween


Knock-knock! Trick or treat? Halloween is here! Are you preparing your eCommerce to be part of the multi-billion dollar holiday? Keep calm, it’s never too late.

As you might know, Halloween is the 4th most frightfully lucrative eCommerce holiday behind Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Easter.

Needless to say, your business should be prepared for it.

In this post, we’ll discuss some creepy ideas for you to boost your sales, increase your brands’ reputation, and fortify your relationship with your customer. Let’s jump into it!


One. Turn your website into a scary one

Give your eCommerce online store a Halloween-themed extreme makeover - it will turn on a sense of enthusiasm in your visitors, it will show that your brand is taking part in the festivity, and you'll increase your customer's experience.

Wait! We aren’t suggesting that you a do a whole redesign of your website.

You should consider dabbling with brand-new, unique, and festive color schemes and typography.

Or, to make the encounter even more genuine for your consumers, you should try with optical and audio elements for your eCommerce (maybe when they click somewhere).

For example, you can adjust the colors of your links to orange or purple, or change the color of your logo to a spooky one.

You can also think about adding specific holiday banners to your website. It can be either embellished navigation buttons or pictures advertising discounts, even links to Halloween-themed landing pages!

Here are some popular Halloween elements for your designs:

  • Pumpkins
  • Witches on Brooms
  • Skulls
  • Spiders and Webs
  • Bats
  • Jack-o-Lanterns
  • Skeletons
  • Sweets
  • Black Cats


Two. Spine-chilling emails


Like most Halloween preparations, crafting an email that gives your customers goosebumps takes time and creativity.

But don’t worry! We brought you some spooktacular tips to rock your Halloween emails. Check them out:


  • Look devilishly good

Halloween is the ideal excuse to dress up your emails to give them an edge. Stay true to your brand’s personality, adding a pinch of spookiness with Halloween images, text, and even emojis!


  • Let’s play a game…

A mystery deal can be an original way to keep your customers hooked and make them visit your website.

Try offering a virtual game to your subscribers, and if they win, they get a discount on their purchase or free shipping. Sounds good, huh?

Plus, spicing up your emails with a taste of suspense will help your click-through rate, which will translate into visits to your website.


  • Creativity killed the cat

Make your emails stand out by being bold and using fresh, innovative content (without missing the Halloween theme). Stay creative and play on your personalized approach towards each client - you’ll see how your effort pays off!

Make your emails stand from the rest!


Three. Blood-curdling blogs

Seasonal blog posts are great traffic-boosters and a sure-fire method to get your online store Halloween ready.



Make the best of Halloween with interesting, hair-raising Halloween related articles or video blogs.

Notwithstanding what you sell in your eCommerce, put your creative flow to work and come up with topics that relate to the holiday period. Make sure holiday posts, for both major and minor holidays, are included in your overall content marketing strategy.

If you write about Halloween, you'll cash in on the trending keywords and drive lots of seasonal traffic to your online store - this is especially effective if you share it on social media platforms like Instagram with #Halloween, for example.


Four. Bonus track - photo contest

We thought that a Franken-tastic idea to attract visitors to your eCommerce this Halloween could be organizing a photo contest - it’s a surpassing tactic to engage and create a buzz about your brand.


Ask your visitors to take a picture with their costume on and post it in social media tagging your business or including a hashtag of your own. The most scariest and creative one wins a price!

Set some guidelines and let the fun begin. Muahaha.


Taking everything into consideration, you should take advantage of seasonal events - not only because, every now and then, changes are good (turning your website into a spooky one, for example) but also because they help you to boost your sales, attracting new customers to your business.

We hope you find this section useful and interesting. Sit for a spell and have some brew!

Riley Life wishes you a Happy Halloween.


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