Your Packaging is Marketing

The opportunity for marketing and branding in the shipping process goes far beyond the outside appearance of the shipping box.  The possibilities for package improvements are endless and companies are constantly surprising us with innovative ways to enhance their brand.

One customer of Riley Life that has continued to impress is High Cotton Ties (HCT).  They have taken a simple, yet incredible path toward adding value to their brand.

Think about ties or bowties that you have at home.  When you travel, you toss them in your suitcase along with the rest of your clothing.  You may not know a single brand of your ties or even where you purchased them.

But you remember a bowtie purchased from HCT.  Each one of their bowties is placed in a small, eloquent, branded HCT drawer case.  This high quality product “requires” a case so that it can be properly stored, carried, and worn. When you travel with a HCT it does not get tossed in with your other clothes, it gets placed in its case, which then gets placed on top inside of your suitcase.  When you pack your suitcase, open it, wear the tie, and put it away you see the case – the last thing you see before you close your suitcase, the first thing you see when you open it.  When you are at home, you keep your bowtie in its case, case on dresser – where you see the HCT brand multiple times throughout the day.

They have created an ingenious way that both symbolizes the quality of the product and keeps their brand in front of customers.  For an investment of roughly $1 per customer, they create enormous value.  HCT turned an operational expense of packaging their ties into a marketing expense that enhances their brand and has strengthened repeat business from customers to dramatic proportions.